Three drunk brothers dead: Young brother kills two, angry mob kills young brother

Three men believed to be brothers have died in a shooting and a mob incident that happened a few minutes after they consumed alcohol, authorities in Eastern Equatoria state have said.

Two died from gunshot wounds, while another was reportedly killed by an angry mob in Katiko village of Kapoeta South County.

According to an official, the three biological brothers from Korea Boma went on a drinking spree on Wednesday evening.

They are accused of moving from house to house – confiscating people’s alcohol and consuming it.

While on their way to the cattle camp, the three reportedly had an argument leading to one of the brothers fatally shooting the two. They died on the spot.

Juma Justin, Kapoeta South County Executive Director said some villagers heard the gunshots sound and rushed to the site of the incident. The angry villagers reportedly turned on the shooter and clobbered him to death.

“The community members ran to the scene on hearing the gunshots, they found the young brother, arrested him then killed him too,” Justin stated.

The deceased brothers have been only identified as Lomeyena, Lokodoly and Lopuyo.

“We don’t know their ages yet…they got drunk and…when they wanted to go back to the cattle camp, they quarrelled and fought.  The younger one started shooting his brothers. This incident happened yesterday at 6 o’clock,” Justin added.

Chief Lino Lotogo of Korea Boma blamed the incident on the consumption of illicit alcohol among young people.

“These people took people’s alcohol and drunk it, and later killed themselves. I need the government to come and help stop [consumption of] alcohol here. A lot of people have died this way,” he stated.

Chief Lotogo wants the authorities to introduce an order banning the sale and consumption of alcohol in Kapoeta South County and the entire Eastern Equatoria state.