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Three die in Awerial road carnage

Three die in Awerial road carnage
A truck on the main road in Awerial | Credit | Mingkaman FM

More than three people, including two women and a man, have reportedly died in a road accident involving a motorbike and a pickup Toyota Landcruiser in Awerial County, Lakes State.

Maj Elijah Mabor, state police spokesperson, said the accident took place at Dor area on Sunday afternoon.

“The rider was carrying two women when they got involved in the accident with a car. The accident was caused by too much dust on the road which prevented both the rider and the driver from seeing each other,” Maj Mabor told Mingkaman FM.

He said the three people riding on the motorbike were heading to Pap and Bunagok areas when they suddenly collided with the speeding Landcruiser.

“The rider and one woman died on spot, and the other woman later died from severe back injury upon arrival at a health facility in Mingkaman,” he explained.

However, Elijah declined to disclose the names of the deceased, claiming that their relatives had not yet been informed of the demises.

He added that the unnamed driver was under police custody, awaiting investigations.

For his part, the Deputy Chairman of Boda Boda Association in Mingkaman, Deng Africa, condemned the rampant killings of riders and called on the traffic police authorities to regulate the roads to reduce such incidents from reoccurring.

“Traffic police officers should sit down and strategize on how to regulate the movements of vehicles, and I’m telling the people that are carried using a boda-boda to dissuade them whenever they feel are riding dangerously,” Africa said.

Meanwhile, John Ariik, deputy administrator of Dor Payam, suggested that traffic police personnel should be stationed at the blind spots to prevent accidents.

Early this month, a motor rider died after sustaining severe neck injury that he sustained after ramming into cattle.