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Three commissioners and a state minister in house arrest for inciting violence between Twic and Ngok

Three commissioners and a state minister in house arrest for inciting violence between Twic and Ngok
Hon. Dhieu Mathok Diing, National Minister of Investment in South Sudan

Aneet Fact-Finding Committee has put four government officials on house arrest for allegedly behind the renewed conflict between Twic and Ngok Dinka communities.

Those implicated include Hon. Deng Tong Goc, Commissioner of Twic County, Warrap State and Hon. Mayot Kuinit Minister of the physical infrastructure in Abyei Administrative area. Others are Chol Pur Chol, Commissioner of Rumamer County, and Akuei Akoon Wel, commissioner of Alal County of Abyei administrative area.

Last week renewed clashes were reported between armed youth from Twic and Ngok that the committee said has violated the recent cessation of hostilities signed by the warring parties in Aweil last month.

The counties and state leaders being detained were accused of mobilizing youth leading to the resumption of the conflict in the area.

The Committee Secretary, Hon. Dhieu Mathok says the local authorities failed to implement the cessation of hostilities agreement in their capacity and resorting to support the violence is unacceptable.

He stated the detained personnel are temporarily confined in Juba to ensure no fighting escalates again so that innocent civilians return to their regular livelihood.

Dr. Mathok says those detained will remain in the confinement until the matter is finally resolved.

He warned that anyone accused of inciting the violence between two communities would be held accountable.

A member of state parliament representing the Twic community, Hon. Ajuet Muon was unhappy with the arrest, saying it would not bring a solution to the conflict.

He blamed the committee for the delay in finalizing their finding on the matter and submitting the report to the Presidency within the 21 days stipulated in their mandate.

” It would stop conflict, especially Deng’s arrest because he is the one being attacked. The committee is supposed to speed up the report to the Presidency, and Presidency will see what to do, and now they have delayed the report. Can you imagine they have made a report after 21 days, and it has now gone for months without it? So, the earlier, the better.”

In February, fighting erupted in Aneet market in Abyei Administrative Area over an alleged land dispute between Twic and Ngok Dinka community. President Salva Kiir formed eleven-member Committee to investigate the violence.