Three civil servants arrested in Bor for demanding unpaid salaries

Police in Jonglei state have arrested the chairperson of the Workers’ Trade Union and two other officials.

On Thursday, civil servants staged peaceful protest in Bor town to demand their unpaid arrears.

They took their petition to the Jonglei state Legislative Assembly carrying placards that called for an end to corruption and payment of their salaries.

In the petition addressed to governor Denay Chagor, the union said civil servants have not been paid across the 5 Counties.

They have reportedly not been given their salaries for September and October 2021, and April, May, and June 2022.

On Friday, police confirmed the arrest of the leader of the Workers’ Union and 2 others.

“We have 3 people in our custody and the reason for arrest is still being investigated,” Major Majak Daniel of the Police Service said.

He stated that they were instructed by the state government to initiate the arrest.

“We are law enforcement agency, and when they say you arrest this one, we arrest and investigate why he is arrested before he goes to court. We arrested them because we were directed by the authorities in the state,” he clarified.