Thousands live on roads in Aweil town due to floods

Floods have displaced over three thousand households in Aweil town, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

The town experienced heavy rains on Tuesday evening resulting into houses being submerged with water.

Some of the affected residential areas include; Tit Adol, Makuach Awit, Deng Nhial, Naibasha, Haai, Mozhabine, Haai Dhalala, Haai Salaam, Hai Zharia, Malou Aweer, Ghabat and Gat-way.

Those affected by the floods spoke to Akol Yam FM while camping on the major roads connecting the town to rural areas.

Some are living in the open space without materials for shelter.

“We stay in an open place because our houses have been destroyed by flash floods. There is hunger here,” a mother said.

Another said their children are now exposed to waterborne diseases as they sleep in the open near stagnated water.

“We are requesting the State government and its partners to give us plastic sheets for sheltering, drugs and food. If they don’t, those who live on the roads will face diseases like diarrhea, malaria, among others.”

The residents blamed the floods on poor water drainage system in Aweil town.

Dut Majook, Chairperson of the Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in the State said the governor visited the affected residential areas to assess the extend of the damages.

He stated that an emergency meeting is being held to develop a response plan for those affected.