Thousands in need of aid after cattle raids in Kapoeta North

At least two thousand people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance following last week’s cattle-related attacks in Kapoeta North County, Eastern Equatoria state, an official has said.

On June 20, raiders allegedly from the neighboring areas attacked livestock keepers in Naakwa, Wokobu, Najie, and Lomeyen Payams.

According to the County Commissioner, 11 people died and 9 others were wounded, while nearly 5,000 herds of cattle were stolen.

Emmanuel Lolimo Epone told Singaita FM that families whose livestock have been stolen are now left without a source of livelihood.

“These families are traumatized because all their wealth has been taken. I am appealing to well-wishers and the public for immediate intervention to help our community – especially those vulnerable families who are already in dire need of humanitarian assistance,” he said.

Commissioner Lolimo added that the Monday attack is the third time such incident happened in Kapoeta North County.