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Terekeka-Tindilo-Tali road construction begins

Terekeka-Tindilo-Tali road construction begins
Construction of the 154KM Terekeka-Tindilo-Tali road begun on June 24, 2022

The government of Central Equatoria state has launched the construction of the Terekeka-Tindilo-Tali road on Friday.

The 154-kilometer marram stretch will connect Central Equatoria state to Lakes state and other parts of the country.

It is being constructed by Point Investment Company, a national construction company, and is expected to be completed within 2 years.

“This road will…give us opportunity to develop health, education sectors and economy through tourism and the South Sudan International Airport to be constructed here soon,” said Governor Emmanuel Adil.

He underscored the importance of the road in connecting farmers, fishers and livestock keepers in Tali to the market.

“I want to tell the people of Terekeka to work, you have economic potentials in agriculture, and you also have fish that needs market. After finishing the road, we may also bring fish factory to pack your fish and you take to the market so that it develop your county,” Governor Adil stressed.

The Commissioner of Terekeka County asked the locals to participate in the construction of the road, including assuring the safety of the construction workers.

“The security of the company is in our hand…without good security, there is no development. This road will take you to wherever you go, your goods will begin to access the market because the community have agricultural products that didn’t access the markets,” said James Lino Malaw.

He further asked the community to provide access to marram for the company to enable the construction of the road.

“To the farmers whom the road is going to cross in their gardens, I need you to corporate with the company for your good. I also want to tell the community, God has given us the marram for our development and so we don’t need to demand later for agreement with the government. We have to give it for road work.”

Wani Buyu Bulu, a Mundari community leader expressed their readiness to facilitate the safe passage or work of the constructors.

“We will guard the road and its construction, my people will guard the company; there is no fear,” he affirmed.

Last month, Central Equatoria state government approved 160 million South Sudanese Pound for development, roads construction and Yei airstrip renovation. 10 million pounds was allocated for the Tindilo road construction.

The State Minister of Roads, Manawa A. Moses called for peace and unity among the state residents to facilitate development.

“Our unity is very important; we are working on this road to connect Terekeka to Tindilo and Tali so that they can visit each other.”