Teaching halted over proximity of soldiers to school in Mayen Abun

Tensions between Twic armed youth and the SSPDF has forced the suspension of teaching at Awilgik Primary school in Mayen Abun town of Warrap state.

Last month, soldiers sent to maintain security in the town were deployed near the school premise.

On Tuesday, the school administration suspended teaching citing “security uncertainties.”

The County Education Director, Mawith Angok agrees that the presence of the army near the school is creating an environment of fear among learners.

He appealed to the SSPDF Commander in the area to move the soldiers away from the school.

“The presence of soldiers in Dungop near the school cannot allow pupils to continue their lessons. It is better for the community leaders to see another place to relocate them to but not near the school,” Angok said.

“So I’m appealing to the authorities and traditional leaders to do this so that the school remains free.”

He said once the soldiers are moved, lessons will resume on Monday next week.

For his part, Colonel Patrick Lumumba, Commander of the SSPDF in the area aid plans are underway to relocate the army to another place.

“Let them continue to teach children. The soldiers are very far – a distance of 3,000 meters away from the school. We are just waiting for tents to come, if the tents are brought, we will automatically relocate to a new place,” he stated.