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Teacher-parent fight in Aweil leaves 4 injured

Teacher-parent fight in Aweil leaves 4 injured
Captain Guot Guot Akol is the police spokesman in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal.

The fighting that broke out between the teachers and the parents at Maper East Primary School in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal State on Wednesday has left at least 4 people injured. The people who sustained injuries includes teacher, father, and two pupils,

According to police, a schoolgirl was discipline by teacher; she took the report to her parents and they reacted harshly resulting to the fight between the teacher and the father of the girl.

The State police spokesperson captain Guot Guot Akol says the police officers who were sent to the school to stop the fighting were also fought by the pupils but managed to control the situation though there was no one arrested.

“We have not arrested anybody but all people who have problem like teachers and parents have right to open the case and follow the legal procedures if needed. Yes, it was a big fighting because all students were there depending on their teachers against a father who went to the school with a complaint of his daughter being beaten by the teacher.” Guot.

“Some of them were in bad condition especially 2 girls but they have been treated and discharged.” Ngong Marach, medical director of Aweil State hospital confirmed to Akol Yam.