“Take action, be accountable, end violence against women and girls” a call to mark 16 Day of Activism

Hundreds of women gathered in Juba calling on the government to take action to account perpetrators of rape, domestic and sexual violence. As South Sudan commemorate Sixteen Day”of Activism against gender based violence. Women leaders and GBV activists across the country call for action to eliminate injustices against women and girls. They also call for an end to force and child marriages.


Nakawesa Alies, is the chairperson of interim committee for Women Lead Network based in Juba. She said women rights organizations will carry on various activities during the 16 day of activism campaign to dialogue with women leaders and policymakers to address gaps at schools and among the IDPs.


Alies stated that the committee will visits the prisons and go on radio talk show to create awareness and push for legal framework that could prevent and stop gender-based violence in the country. She called on South Sudanese people to support the advancement of women rights during the campaign.


The commemoration was also held in some part of the country. In Aweil, Northern Bahr el Gazal, partners working on Gender Based Violence appealed to the government to lead the campaign on human rights and enforce laws to protect women and girls against GBV.


Jok Dut Gar is the GBV officer at Center for Emergency and Development Support organization. He said the government have opportunity to learn the skills on how to manage gender based violence cases and awareness.

I want the government to know that it is their responsibility to stand up and help the NGOs stop cases that are happening in our community, the government should start participating in Gender Based Violence activities,” he said.


Teresa Achuei Majak, a site Manager working for Reproductive Health Clinic in Mingkaman, Lakes State said the centre had recorded five death cases of force marriage this year alone.

She reported that two mothers died during childbirth while three were beaten to death by their relatives when the girls resist forced marriage. Achuei called on local leaders to hold  the perpetrators of child and force marriages accountable.


The ministry of Gender, child, and social welfare in Eastern Equatoria join the women voices to end gender-based violence.

Mr. Mike Kinaga Kodet is the coordinator at the state ministry of Gender. He says government will work collectively with communities and partners to tackle violence against women and girls.


The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender- Based Violence is an international campaign to end violence against women and girls. It was inspired by the first Global Women Leadership institute in 1991. It’s annually run from 25th November and end on 10th December that marked International Human Rights Day.