Sudanese protestor dies after being run over by a security truck

Security forces in Sudan have killed at least one protestor by running him over with a large truck in Khartoum on Tuesday, the Sudanese Doctor’s Committee has said.

The forces used tear gas, rubber bullets, and sound bombs to disperse tens of thousands of protesters who marched across the country to mark the first anniversary of a military coup and demand full civilian rule.

Outside the capital Khartoum, protests also took place in other states, including Port Sudan and South Kordofan.

According to Aljazeera, the protesters waved Sudanese flags as well as pictures of young people who were killed by the security forces.

“Our goal today is to bring about a civilian democratic government. We want a civilian government that will help the Sudanese people. It is the power of the street … that is going to establish the power of the people,” said Yassin al-Khalifa, a 33-year-old man wearing a yellow cape and driving a motorcycle.

The coup authorities cut off internet access hours before the march commenced, but that did not dissuade people from taking to the streets.

During Tuesday’s demonstrations, many people were chanting: “No negotiations, no dialogue, no partnership,” referring to popular demands for a full civilian-government without involvement from the military or armed groups.