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Stop cattle rustling & keep livestock for commercial, Onyoti says

Stop  cattle rustling & keep livestock for commercial, Onyoti says
Livestock owners displayed their animal during the Show in Kuajok on Thursday, 18th Niv 2021Photoby The Radio Community

The national Livestock and Fisheries is calling on livestock owners to improve livestock management and move towards improved production of the industry. He says cattle keepers should focus on positive values and adopt to new technologies to make their animal healthier.

South Sudan Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwak addressed hundreds of farmers in Warrap state on Thursday during the Kuajok Livestock Show and Agriculture Exhibition.

The event was organized by the government along with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) with the goal of promoting commercialization of the livestock and farming sector. Farmers displayed their agricultural products and tools while demonstrating technologies, including irrigation systems and seed treatment. Over seven hundred cows, 400 sheep, and goats were registered competing during the show.

Adigo says the purpose of the show is to create awareness on the economic impact of livestock in an intensive production system and improve ways of keeping animals. “Let’s make our livestock commercially oriented and not to keep them on traditional and cultural values,” he told crowd gathered for the event.

The Minister further called the pastoralists to stop cattle raiding and help the government in promoting peace to ensure their livestock are safe and used only for economic purposes to support their livelihood.

“Why are we killing ourselves because of cattle? Why are we rustling or stealing cattle? You need to work hard to get cattle, go to farming and crops will give you money instead of taking other people’s cattle,” he stressed.

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director in South Sudan, Haven Cruz-Hubbard commended the work of the framers and cattle keepers in the state.

He says South Sudan is one of the countries with higher number of livestock per capita in Africa, about 39 million livestock.

He stated that USAID and FAO introduced livestock shows in 2019 to promote commercialization and peaceful interaction between the communities.

“Livestock can be an essential source of nutrition and revenue so that South Sudanese families can remain resilient in the face of conflict, flooding and food insecurity,” Cruz-Hubbard said.

The Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan, Hua Ning pledged to support farmers with agricultural tools in Warrap state. He said the aim is to boost food production in rural areas, to avoid dependency on imported items and food aid.

A high-level delegation, including top government officials, diplomats and journalists were in Kaujok on Thursday to witnesses the show.

Similar events were also held in 2019 and early 2020 in Wau, Rumbek and Torit.