Stepfather allegedly mutilates bodies of siblings in Tonj South

A family in Tonj South is mourning the gruesome killing of two siblings by a man believed to be the step-father on Sunday in Warrap state.

The children were reportedly mutilated and wrapped in plastic bags and then dumped in the bushes.

Police say the mutilated bodies of the two sisters were found in War-Apet village at around 5pm yesterday.

The girls are age 3 and 5.

2nd Lieutenant David Bol Manguang, the officer in charge of Tonj town Police station said the girls went missing on Sunday. He disclosed that they have identified the step-father of the girls as a person of interest.

This, he said, is after neighbors reported seeing the man walking to the bush with the two girls while carrying plastic bags and a spear on the fateful day.

“He [father] went to the neighbor’s house and took four spears. He took the children to the bush but their mother was in the market. When she came back home, she found the children and her husband are not at home. The woman ran to the police to open a case of missing children,” he narrated.

2nd Lt. Bol added that the suspect is also accused of stabbing two people in new Khartoum residential area on the same day.

“People received news that there is a person stabbing people in the village. People ran after him and police vehicle also went there but he hide himself somewhere. A woman also reported that he has taken children. It was thought he hide the children somewhere, and when his footstep was followed this morning the children were found mutilated.”

2nd Lieutenant Bol Maguang said the suspect is believed not to be the biological father for the murdered siblings.

The mother of the suspect confirmed that the man recently started attacking her and her daughter in-law after bringing in another wife.

“My son [suspect] came with a woman who is somebody wife from Kongor area. He started attacking us 2 days ago, and we ran to the police with my daughter [in-law]. He took the children to the bush. The police went to where he is stabbing people but he was not found,” Alek Magon Cheleu stated.

The suspect is still on the run from the police.