St. Daniel Comboni Primary School administration ordered to resume teaching

County education authorities in Twic County in Warrap state have urged the administration of St. Daniel Comboni Primary School to resume teaching after they had suspended lessons at the school.

Last week, at least 11 learners from St. Daniel Comboni Primary School reportedly sustained injuries after fighting erupted between pupils and a group of people while the pupils were fixing the school fence.

Apparently, the mob was organized by their neighbor, Dau Akech Thokluoi who is claiming part of the land of the school belonging to him.

Ajuong James, the director for education in Twic County, says the pupils are missing out a lot, the school administration should resume learning for the future of the children.

In education we have the time given for calendars and teaching can be affected by this crisis of the land dispute that has now left the students without lessons. “This school is one of the best schools offering quality education and if they continue to suspend lessons due to this land dispute, it will affect the learners,’’ Ajuong told Mayardit 90.7 FM.

He urges Dau Akech Thokluoi who is claiming part of the land of the school to take the case to the law for legal procedures.

In response Peter Yai, the school administrator, welcomes the directive from the county education department.

” We don’t have problems in resuming lessons but what happens if the person claiming the school land comes back and attacks the school learners because we have no power, who will take the responsibility if the pupils are injured?’’

‘‘It would be good if this case is handled first but for us teachers, we are ready to resume teaching,’ he added.