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SSPDF vow to return law and order in Aneet

SSPDF vow to return law and order in Aneet
Commander of South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF)'s Lion division 3 infantry, General Akuei Ajou.

South Sudan People Defense Force (SSPDF) has assured the public that it has restored law and order in Aneet Agok market following last week’s violent clashes. The head of SSPDF division three (3) commander says it has deployed forces to deter and deal with those who want to create instability Agok.

At least three people were reported killed and six others wounded last week after a youth from Twic and Ngok Dinka in Abyei clashed over a territorial dispute at Aneet market. The incident has forced some of the aid agencies operating in the area to suspended their operation in Agok.

Major General Akuei Ajou is the SSPDF division three commander in Wunyiik in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal. He says they have imposed evening to dawn night curfew from Friday last week and will continue until the situation returns to normalcy.

Gen. Akuei Ajou, told Mayardit FM that his forces came under attack at their barrack in Majak Kol army base of which two of his soldiers were killed and they repulsed the attackers and arrested two of them.

Gen. Ajou appealed to the two communities of Twic and Abyei to embrace peace describing them as children of one mother and one father.

“You are children of one mother and one father, even people being killed at the areas of Abyei are not Dinka Ngok alone, but these include Twic, Dinka Malual, and Nuer, all South Sudanese are the ones dying.”

He warned youth from the two communities to  stop the violence saying any further retaliation from both sides will not be tolerated

Several international and national non-governmental organizations have evacuated their staff from the area and suspended their activities. Medicine Sans Frontier  MSF  issued a statement this week that one of their health worker in Agok was killed.