SSANU denies being forced, bribed to close down NBGS office

A politician in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has denied the allegations suggesting that he was briefed to shut down his party to join the ruling party, SPLM.

Last week, Albino Madhan Anei Atem, leader of the South Sudan Africa National Union in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, closed down his party office there and joined the SPLM together with 150 members.

This caused public outcry, with some alleging he was forced or bought by SPLM, which seems to have monopolized the politics in the state.

However, Madhan denied the claims, saying he joined SPLM because it fought for South Sudan independence and it bears the same vision his party bears.

“The reason I resigned from SSANU party and officially joined SPLM party is because we have the same Vision with SPLM but after I decided to do that all members followed me because they have the same concept that I have,” he told Akol Yam FM.

“National office of SSANU will come out with decision how they will get new members to run the office, or the office will remain closed, SSANU is well known party since in anya-nya one. I want to assure the public that politic is a choice no once can forced someone to do what he/she don’t want.

“I am not looking for position because i hold many positions in the government of NBG state in some years back. I worked as deputy governor, finance minister, agriculture and animals resources but I joined them to support their ideas because I have experience in the politic and I joined SSANU in 1968.”

Stephen Ayanga Azheber, SPLM secretary in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, confirmed SSANU Members joined SPLM party in Aweil.

“No one can be surprised about joining of SSANU party to SPLM because their objective has been the same since during struggle. I welcome them to SPLM party and they will get the same services they got there in SSANU. What I would like to tell those who said that SPLM has briefed other members from party competing with SPLM in the state is that, it is not true.”

Ayanga also denied that SPLM party bribed other political parties’ officials.