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SPLM-IO rejects govt explanation on Angelina’s dismissal

SPLM-IO rejects govt explanation on Angelina’s dismissal
Angelina Teny, the new minister of Interior. She is also wife to Dr Riek Machar, SPLM-IO leader | Credit | Courtesy

The main opposition party –SPLM-IO  – led has responded to Michael Makuei’s and Elia Lomuro’s recent statements, explaining the reason why President Salva Kiir fired Angelina Teny.

Last week, the government spokesperson, Michael Makuei,  said the “president is the final authority that appoint and relieves”, citing that “Even Riek Machar was appointed by the president,” – hence he should not be questioned on Angelina’s removal.

In addition, Cabinet Affairs Minister Dr. Elia Lomuro also told the media that the president removed Angelina and swapped the ministries for him [Kiir] to take charge so that when he “issues orders no one can reject”.

Responding to the statements, SPLM-IO, which Ms Teny represented rubbished both statements, saying the president has no right to unilaterally remove a minister from another party.

“The cabinet minister may have not consulted the revitalized peace agreement correctly by saying an ‘official notification letter was given’,” said Goanar Gordon Yien, acting press secretary in the office of the first vice president.

Article 1.13.1 of the revitalized peace agreement states that “each party may remove its representatives in the Council of Ministers and nominate replacements by notifying the president with at least 14-day notice.”

Despite Elia’s justification that Angelina’s removal is to expedite the implementation of security arrangement, Gordon disagreed, explaining that the graduation of phase one of the unified forces was through her hard work.

“If it is about the performance of Hon. Minister Angelina, had it not been for her hard work and commitment to peace, the Necessary Unified Forces would not have been graduated,” he argued.

“She worked hard for reforms in the army and pushed for implementation of the security arrangements, unless she is a victim of her tremendous performances.”

Responding to Makuei’s argument , Gordon said: “President has no right to replace or appoint a minister from another party without a consultation.”

The opposition party continued saying the president has violated the peace deal severally by dismissing commissioner of Twic County in Warrap State and the Jonglei speaker of the state assembly.

The current political standoff emerged barely eight days after the commencement of the 24-month extended transitional period of the roadmap.

On March 3, President Kiir relieved Defense minister Angelina Teny and interior minister Mahmoud Solomon and swapped the two ministries by taking defense to SPLM-IG and Interior to SPLM-IO.

The Dr Riek Machar-led SPLM-IO rejected the move and held a meeting with Kiir on March 10 to discuss the violations but Machar and Kiir could not reach a consensus on the matter.