SPLM-IO officials released on bail in Aweil

Three SPLM-IO officials have been released by police in Aweil, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

They were arrested following an altercation with security officers, police said.

On Friday, the SPLM-IO in the state accused the SPLM of disrupting its political activities.

It accused the state government of preventing their members from inaugurating a new office in the state capital, Aweil. The state government, however, denied the allegations.

The officials were freed without charges. Those released an members of the national and state legislature, Hon. Aluel Garang Yout and Hon. Garang Chan Atak

Philip Madut Tong, State Police Commissioner confirmed the release of the legislators.

“The police released the national MP Aluel Garang Yout and state MP Garang Chan Atak. The reason police arrested them is because they fought with security person were deployed on streets for protection. Another person who was arrested is Hon. Anei Rok Akuei, the chairperson of the Anti-corruption commission who fought traffic police, but we bailed him out,” he said.

Garang Wol Kon, the secretary general for SPLM IO in Northern Bhar El Ghazal state confirmed the release of the MPs.

He said they are to pay 70,000 South Sudanese Pounds as bail money.