SPLM-IO asks Kiir to reinstate Twic commissioner

The main opposition party –SPLM-IO said they are calling on President Salva Kiir again to revoke the decree and reinstate Deng Tong Guach to his position as Twic county commissioner in Warrap state to address the insecurity in the area.

Puok Both Baluang, spokesperson of the first vice president Dr. Riek Machar told The Radio Community that the SPLM-IO believe only the former commissioner can restore security in the county. This is after some members of the community reportedly attribute insecurity in the county to lack of a commissioner.

“We are still calling on the president to revoke his unilateral decision to remove the commissioner and we also calling on the president to re-instate the commissioner,” Puok reiterated saying, “We share the concern of our people in the county that there is a need for a full commissioner to resume his work and we believe only the former commissioner when he is reinstated back, the authority in the county can work on how to deliver services to our people,”

The position of the Commissioner in Twic County has been vacant since January after president Kiir relieved Deng Tong who is the member of the main opposition party -SPLM-IO led by First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar without naming any replacement.

Later, the former governor, Gen. Aleu Ayieny appointed Mangok Kom as the acting commissioner of Twic County up to date and since then the county has continued to experience insecurity and the SPLM-IO whose the county is in their docket said they are not ready to nominate a new person to the position.

“The acting commissioner is not the member of the SPLM-IO and we the SPLM-IO did not recommend anyone to that position. The removal of the commissioner was unilateral and a violation to the agreement otherwise, we would have prepared the replacement,” Puok stated.

Several incidents and attacks have been recorded in Twic County including the killing of 21 years old man on 20th May by unknown armed group.

William Wol Mayom, Warrap state information minister said the insecurity in Twic County cannot be attributed to leadership incapability or lack of a full commissioner but a general situation of the state as it is being experience in other counties which have full commissioners.

However, Wol attributes insecurity to inadequate number of organized forces in the armed communities to protect civilians and their properties.

“He (Mangok) is the acting commissioner and has full responsibilities: He is the chair of security committee of Twic county, he’s the chairperson of development committee and he’s also the chairperson of the politics of Twic county. So nothing is left out, it is just a matter of working from the point of security site,” Wol said,

“The problem is that, our forces specially the closest unit which is the police is not enough to protect the property and lives of our people, not only Twic but it’s event a challenge to the other five counties of Warrap state where there are full commissioners,”

The press secretary in the office of the first vice president Dr. Riek said president Kiir continued to violate the peace deal by unilaterally relieving SPLM-IO officials without consultation.

According to the revitalized peace agreement in Article 1.13.1 “each party may remove its representatives in the Council of Ministers and nominate replacements by notifying the president with at least 14-day notice.”