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Speaker of State TLA directs MPs to disseminates revitalized peace deal

Speaker of State TLA directs MPs to disseminates revitalized peace deal
Rgt. Hon. speaker Severino Maira Janus addressing Music Peace Concert in Kapoeta Freedom square. Credit William Lonyia, Singaita FM Broadcast Journalist

The Eastern Equatoria transitional legislative assembly speaker has called members of parliament to visit their constituencies and sensitize people about the revitalized peace agreement at the grass-root level.

Right Hon. Speaker Severino Maira Janus told Members of August House in Equatoria to go to their community and inform them about peace implementation process.

“ I want the Hon. Members should not be centered in Torit. I want them to come to places like here in Kapoeta. Also, go up to Nimule; we can even do it here. If we can do that, we shall do it to our citizens. We can inform them we shall tell them there is no one holding guns today people are now peace,” stressed Hon. Maira.

He said the governor would assist the MPs in visiting their constituencies, talking to their people about the peace, and hearing about the challenges facing them. 

Hon. Severino Maira spoke to the gathering at a music peace concert in Kapoeta this week, which the UNMISS Torit field office organized.

Hon. Zacharia Naburio Ngoletiang, an MP representing the Jie community, told Singaita FM that he welcomes the idea.

He said that for peace to prevail among the communities, their representatives need to engage them directly at the local level.

“We, the people of EES, need to have peace. We need to move to all parts of the state as suggested as we can move to Jie, Kuron, Lotimor, and Jie; we need these people to have peace”, said Naburio.  

He said MPs need to talk to people in the villages to cultivate food and send children to school. 

Naburio said that the issue of transport is one of the challenges that have limited MPs not visiting their constituencies.

In February this, Eastern Equatoria sworn in 92 members of parliament represented parties to the peace agreement signed in 2018.