Some stolen cattle recovered after Rual-bet’s violence

Authorities in Tonj County of Warrap state have recovered at least 81 cows raided during clashes between civilians and soldiers last month.

The animals were stolen from Kongoor and taken to Rual-bet Payam by raiders. They were returned to their rightful owners over the weekend.

Acting Minister of Information in the state said the security conditions in Rual-bet have improved making it possible to recover the animals.

Agok Ayaar Chieny urged civilians still holding guns to surrender them to the authorities.

“Carrying a gun while the rest of the people have handed over theirs to the government will continue to create fear. You should ask yourself, why are you still carrying a gun when your colleagues have been disarmed?” he asked.

Last week, local youths in Raul-bet, Mabuoth, Kerik, and Marial Lou surrendered nearly 300 guns to the disarmament force deployed in Tonj North County.

The area acting commissioner Bak Ajuot said among the ammunitions collected are 27 which belonged to soldiers killed by armed youth last month.

In June, at least 28 people died during clashes between soldiers and armed civilians in Tonj North County. Those killed include; SSPDF Chief of Military Intelligence, Majors and Captains, three commanders, and the former Commissioner of Mayen Jur of the defunct Gogrial State, among others.

The skirmishes were reportedly triggered by a disarmament exercise in Arul village.

The state acting Minister of Information, Agok Ayaar told Mayardit FM that the situation has now improved prompting people displaced to neighboring Tonj East to return home.