Soldier takes own life after quarrel with wife

Authorities in Udhum Payam in Aweil West County have detained a woman they believed played a role in the death of her husband, a soldier.

Ahok Akoon’s husband Dut Akuei was found dead at Panraak village on Wednesday morning.

Officials believe that he took his own life as his body was found dangling from a rope.

According to the deputy payam administrator, Dut had had a fight with his 27-year-old wife the night before. The details of the quarrel are yet to be established by the investigators.

The deceased, who was a solider serving under the 3rd infantry division, left the house for Wunyiik. However, Dut never reached the army base nor returned home until he was found dead.

James Garang told Akol Yam FM that family disputes should be handled amicably.

“When you enter an argument with your spouse and you are at home alone, please seek the intervention of the neighbors,” Garang said.

Garang added that further investigations will reveal what exactly made Dut Akuei take his own life.