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Snake kills woman in Aweil South

Snake kills woman in Aweil South

A 42-year-old woman has succumbed to the fourth snake bite Aweil South County in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, a relative has said.

The incident happened at Gakrool over the weekend when Amiir Akol was walking to the market, according to her relative.

Gabriel Deng says she suffered three snake bites before the last fatal attack in the same place.

“This woman was bitten three times in the last three 3 years and she was treated locally,” he told Akol Yam on Monday.

“Now, this is the fourth time in which she was bitten. She died instantly. So, we don’t know if is the same snake that has been biting her or a different one.”

Last week, the health department in Aweil Centre reported that it had recorded 154 cases of snake bites in the last three months.

Of this, four people, three of whom were men, died in the months of June and August.

A snake bite can be life-threatening if the snake is venomous. Venomous snakes include the black mamba, king cobra, banded krait, saw-scaled viper and rattlesnake.

They are most likely to bite when they feel threatened, are startled, are provoked, or when they have been cornered.

Snakes are likely to approach residential areas when attracted by prey, such as rodents. Regular pest control can reduce the threat of snakes considerably.