Six drown in river in Kuajok

A boat just capsized in Adut Chol river in Kuajok, killing six people, police in Warrap State have confirmed.

An eyewitness says there were 12 people in the boat when heavy rain and wind came on Sunday evening, capsizing it.

“Those people were from the Yinh Liet market returning back home,” said Lt. Col. Gordon Alook, police officer. “The heavy rains came suddenly, resulted in the capsizing of the boat five females and one male drowned.”

However, Alook claims the people in the boat were 10 – five males and five females, claims Mayardit FM could not immediately verify.

The deceased are as follow: Aliet Mawien Ngong, Anger Tong Muonydeng, Ajak Madhieu Garang ,Akauc Lual Agak, and Bong Arop Adup, whose bodies are still missing.

Aliet Mawien Ngong (wife to ex-chief Manyol Mayar Madut), Akuac Lual Agak, Anger Tong Monydeng, Ajak Madhieu Garang, and Bong Arop Adup. They were all females. The sixth female has not been named.

Police said five of the bodies are yet to be retrieved from the water.

The survivors, all males, are Adup Madhieu Garang, Abuk Garang Adup, Awal Mayen Akec, Akuol Nyok Majook, Aluet Nyok Ader, and Akoldit – the boat owner.