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Six arrested for stealing goats in Aweil

Six arrested for stealing goats in Aweil
Captain Guot Guot Akol the police spokesperson in Northern Bhar El Ghazal speaking to Akol Yam FM in an interview.

Police has arrested six people found in possession of stolen twenty goats at Hai Toch residential area in Aweil town, Northern Bhar El Gahzal state.

Police spokesperson, captain Guot Guot Akol said fourteen goats were recovered alive by the police when the suspects had already slaughtered six in the close door.

“The incident happened on Sunday morning, the residents who are living around that house where the suspects are living, disclosed the information to the police. When the officers went, they found six goats slaughtered and fourteen where kept in the Tukul while there is no documents that shows the goats belong to them and no reason they can slaughter goats outside slaughterhouse,” said captain Guot.

He said the suspect are being detained in the police custody in Aweil Town to establish the facts about the goats.

“They are under detention and their investigation is ongoing right now. They will be sent to court because what they have done is a violation because no document for auction and animals resource and public, and they were not authorized to slaughter livestock outside slaughterhouse,”

Guot called on the residents who might have lost any goat to go to the police station and check the goats.

“I am calling on all the residents who are living around to come and identify their goats if they have lost some goats,”