Seven private clinics shut down in Kuajok over poor waste disposal

Authorities in Warrap state say it has closed seven private clinics in Kuajok after they found them to have poor waste management at the facilities. The decision was made on Wednesday, this week during a random inspection conducted by drug and food control authority from the ministry of health to inspect private health facilities in Kuajok.

Official says the facilities they closed have no adequate procedures to safely disposed used syringes and other sharp objects.

Last week the director of pharmaceutical and medical supply John Akol Akol in Kuajok formed a seven members committee that will be responsible for issuing suitability certificate and operation license for drug shops, clinics, and pharmacies in the state.

Albino Madut Nyok is the committee secretary and worked in the state ministry as expanded program on Immunization (EPI) data officer. He says the clinics will remain closed until they meet the pharmacies’ operational criteria set by the ministry.

He says private clinics should employ qualified health personnel to avoid improper disposal of waste saying it posed a major health risk for children.

“This is because if you practice improper waste disposal, children can collect either syringes, gloves or others. Later be used by them and cause different infection”, said Madut.

Madut warned that private clinics that will failed to meet suitability criteria as set out by the ministry of health in the state will not be licensed to operate. He said that they will continue with process to inspect all clinics, drugs stores and pharmacies in the state, and they expect this process to last for a month.


Patit Atem is a clinical officer running Kondokdit one of the private clinic operating in Kuajok that provides treatment to local resident in the area. She says her clinic was briefly closed for about an hour on Wednesday after the committee found her to have mixed drugs with food items in the store.

“I don’t think whether I will repeat the incident again, can you imagine it is the only source of income to my family and that one-hour closure has caused me some loses”, said Patit.