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Seven disables students get new wheelchairs bicycles in Turalei

Seven disables students get new wheelchairs bicycles in Turalei
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At least seven pupils with disabilities received new wheelchair bicycles in Turalei, Warrap state. the agency says the bicycles will ease movement of children from homes to schools.

Last year a close to two hundred children with disabilities were registered from various schools by the adventist development relief agency (ADRA). The agency say they will be benefiting from the project that is helping disabled children and make education inclusive in the state.

Mr. Tong Deng Buok is an inclusive education officer working for Adventist Development Relief Agency ADRA. He said the pupils that received bicycles will also get regular maintenance services which will be done by the organization.

“I want to assure the beneficiaries that maintenance is still in the hands of ADRA until the end of the project”.

Deng urged the pupils not to be worries about the cost of maintenance when it break down.

One of the students who receive his new bicycle, Gum Ador a primary six pupils in Nyin Apor school in Turalei Payam say the bicycle will make him reach school early, which he said has been a challenge in the past.

He says the provision of the bicycle will make him continue with his studies. It used not to be easy, especially when am sick that would force me to move two hours crawling.

He appreciates ADRA saying “a new day” has come that has relieved him from the suffering.

ADRA said it will bring more wheelchairs bicycles to support children with disabilities in twenty schools that have been identified in Twic County. The agency say priority is given to pupils who crawl from far places to access schools.