Security patrols to tackle road ambushes along Tonj-Cuei bet road

Security forces have been deployed to curtail robbery incidences along the Tonj-Cuei bet road connecting Lakes state and Warrap state.

The patrol forces were called into action due to an increase in the number of roadside ambushes, particularly around Roor Chuol Akol Forest.

According to Tonj South County Crime Section Officer, the latest incident happened last week when armed civilians robbed motorcycle riders of their money and mobile phones.

First Lieutenant David Bol Maguang said the patrol unit is composed of soldiers and police officers.

“We want to secure the forest to know who this group is and where they came from,” First Lt. Bol stated.

He, however, mentioned that the patrol unit faces difficulties with accommodation.

“Lack of tents and plastic sheets as shelters for forces during rainy season is still challenge to us but it will be solved soon.”