S4 candidates stone invigilators in Wau

Senior four candidates at standard secondary school in Wau -Western Bhar El Gahzal state had refused to be invigilated and stoned the invigilators according to the national minster of education Awut Deng.

“We have noted with great concern an isolated case in Standard Secondary School in Wau where candidates didn’t want to be invigilated and as a result, they attacked our monitors and national security officers with stones and they got hurt,” Awut reported

The minister said the act of the students to refuse supervision by carrying out an attack against the invigilators is a serious violation of examination rules and regulation which carries consequences.

“This is a blatant breach of examination regulations and it is punishable by law,” She said. Awut said the situation was arrested and the examination continued and has warned the students against the practice as it may cost them their results.

“I therefore take this opportunity to warn these candidates to refrain from this breach because if it continues, it can lead to cancellation results,” Awut warned.

The number od sitting candidates in Western Bhar El Gahzal is 3,075 out of 35,453 across the country.