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S Sudan sends forces to DRC as peacekeepers

S Sudan sends forces to DRC as peacekeepers
720 soldiers wearing green helmet ready to go to Democratic Republic of Congo for peace keeping Mission. Photo Credit: (City Review)

The Republic of South Sudan has joined Burundi, Kenya, and Uganda in sending forces to eastern DR Congo to fight March-23 Movement (M23) – a rebel group that is terrorizing the area.

Recently, Burundi and Kenya sent their forces to the East Africa Regional force that are fighting the rebel in DR. Congo.

On Monday, President Salva Kiir commissioned a battalion of 720 soldiers to join the regional army in the frontline.

Kiir told the soldiers going for peace keeping mission to DRC to keep a military discipline and not to indulge themselves in human right abuses and sexual violation.

“I want you to keep the discipline, [because] forces taken to a different country for mission end up spoiling the mission. How do they spoil it? They go and rape women and girls. Don’t do this! Don’t loot anything from the shops or citizens. This is not what you’re going for. Instead, protect the citizens from harm,” Kiir told the peacekeepers.

“Juba is full of good things. If you were looters, you have been looting every day. Don’t go and do this, for us in South Sudanese are known for not taking people’s properties.”

The head of state urged the forces to keep peace in the neighboring country and be exemplary among the regional forces.

“Now, you are a very organized army; you are going to keep peace, although you don’t have blue helmet. This current helmet will later change to blue helmet and it will change, depending on the work you are going to do,”Kiir continued.

“What is taking you to DR Congo today is what brought other people to us here – the UNMISS, UNISFA and other missions. They are present here because of your civil war.”

For her part, Angelina Teny, minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs, said since South Sudan got it independence, this is the first mission that the youngest nation is participating in.

“Since we became a country, this is the first mission we are taking part in and this is to tell the world that we keep peace in the country and everywhere. We have UNMISS here and now we are going for peace mission. Today is a great day,” said Angelina.