Rumbek police officer in custody after accidentally killing a man

Police are holding a police officer for accidentally shooting dead a man at Mabui village in Rumbek County, Lakes State.

The deceased, Laat Maguen, on Sunday decided to pay a visit to his in-laws-to be.

“One of the girl’s parents thought that he might be a thief who wanted to steal cows; they called the police,” said Martin Machiech, police investigator in charge of Rumbek station.

Upon arrival at night, he was mistaken for a thief. The parents of the girl called police, who then arrived at the house and opened fire, killing him.

Maguen was allergy due to wed his his fiancée on Wednesday this week.

Machiech said the police officer, whom he could not name due to security reasons, is now under police custody pending investigation.