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Rumbek gets 2.88 MW power supply

Rumbek gets 2.88 MW power supply
Eng. Phillip Waden, Trinity Power project manager, addresses reporters in Juba on Thursday, October 19, 2023 | Credit | Daniel Garang Deng/TRC

Rumbek town in Lakes State is set to use a 2.88 megawatt-generated electricity, according to officials.

The state government, in partnership with Trinity Energy, is finalizing the connectivity with 3,000 meters of electric wire in the residential areas.

Close to 200 meters have so far been installed with a focus on the installation of 300 street security lights.

The power connectivity will be harnessed for consumption in Rumbek with plans underway to enhance the generation as the grid is expanded further to the surrounding areas.

The project encompasses a comprehensive process, including registration, meter installation, and load assessment.

Phillip Waden, power project manager, said at a press conference held in Juba on Thursday that safety is guaranteed through a process of inspecting the existing wiring in the units where installation is being done and rigorous testing before the commissioning of prepaid meters.

He stated the power will be switched on before the year ends.

“To date, over l00 households and establishments in Rumbek have had the prepaid meters installed, and strategies are being devised to expedite the installation process. We target to switch on the first power in November after reaching a critical mass of meters installed,” Waden told reporters.

“We believe a reliable and sustainable power supply will be the much-needed catalyst for the transformation of livelihoods and economic growth.”

The official explained that the collaboration between the governments and his company in bringing electricity access to the people exemplifies the power of public-private Partnerships in nation-building.

“Power project is already providing direct employment opportunities for the young people of Rumbek who are currently involved in the registration of customers, assessment, and installation of meters,” he asserted.

The Rumbek power project, which has been dormant since 2013, was revived in 2022 when the Egyptian government signed a memorandum of understanding with the South Sudan government to rehabilitate the power plant and distribution network.

Trinity company declined to give the budget information of the power project in Rumbek.