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Rual-bet schools to reopen after weeks of closure due to violence

Rual-bet schools to reopen after weeks of closure due to violence

Warrap state government has directed the reopening of schools that were closed down following violence in Tonj North County last month.

Learners from Rual-bet Payam have been told to return to class.

In June, at least twelve schools in Rual-bet area were forced to close down due to skirmishes between armed civilians and soldiers. At least 28 people were killed, including armed civilians, SSPDF Chief of Military Intelligence, Majors and Captains, 3 commanders, and the former Commissioner of Mayen Jur of the defunct Gogrial State in Rual-bet Payam.

The conflict led to the closure of primary schools in Rualbet, Mayen Kuel, Maluildit, Yar-Arol, Aduany, among others. Thousands of people were also displaced to the neighboring Tonj East County.

The government intervened by deploying more security forces and conducting voluntary disarmament in the area.

The Education Department in Tonj North County now says the security situation has improved and learning can resume.

“Soldiers are not in the Payam to target unarmed civilians but looking for the armed ones. It is vital for the pupils to come back for studies. Parents also are told not to fear any attack on their children because these are responsible and trained soldiers,” said Marko Mayiik Kuot, Tonj North County Education Director.

He added that some learners have resumed classes in Kirik Primary School.

Last week, local youths in Raul-bet, Mabuoth, Kerik, and Marial Lou surrendered nearly 300 guns to the disarmament force deployed in Tonj North County.