Rowdy youth break teenager’s leg for rejecting facial scarification

Police have detained seven young people accused of battering a 17-year-old boy who rejected traditional scarification on his forehead in Twic County, Warrap state.

The rowdy group reportedly broke the left leg of the teenager during the severe beating on September 2, 2022.

Among the Dinka, facial scarification, usually around the temple area, is used for clan identification. It is also a rite of passage from a boy to a man.

This practice was banned by the state government but some communities continue to carry out rite initiations.

Twic County Police Director Brigadier General Marko Mawien Madut told Mayardit FM that the suspects attacked the teenager while at home in Aprin village.

“They found him in his house on Sunday while his mother went to Mangol market. The youths came and called him out and they started beating him immediately. The youths whose foreheads were marked were 7,” he narrated.

“They have been arrested in Ayien Boma and I gave the orders that they should be brought here to Turalei.”

Brigadier General Mawien added that the suspects will be arraigned in court.

The teenager has been transferred to Wau, Western Bahr el Ghazal state for medical attention.

Joseph Aguer Mayom, a Clinical officer in Mother Teresa hospital said the referral was made because they lack better equipment in Turalei.

“His leg is not good because it is broken. We referred him to Wau Teaching Hospital because we are lacking operation equipment after fire burnt our operations room last month.