Robbers of 1.2 million pounds arrested in Twic County

Police have arrested five suspects in connection with the stealing of over one million South Sudanese Pounds in Wunrok market, Warrap state last month.

The suspected robbers broke into a shop through the roof and stole SSP 1,280,000 million.

Wunrok Payam Police Inspector, Lieutenant Colonel Atem Deng Atem told Mayardit FM that 2 among the arrested are the main suspects in the robbery, while 3 are recipients of the stolen cash.

He said one of the suspects was arrested while buying cows during an auction.

Lt. Col. Atem disclosed that only SSP 200,000 was recovered from the suspects.

“We worked day and night, and we arrested the suspects because it is our duties to protect you and your properties.”

The suspects will soon be arraigned in court.