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Robbers attack Kapoeta Mission Hospital

Robbers attack Kapoeta Mission Hospital

Armed robbers reportedly have stolen some items after breaking into a store at Kapoeta Mission Hospital in Nalingaro area on Saturday night.

According to the hospital Pharmacist, the thieves went away with a car battery, 3 security torches, 4 jerrycans of liquid soap, and one box of pens from the store.

Omal Sebbith Lamson said the theft happened in the middle of the night.

“They broke 2 stores; one is the main store then the other one for spare parts of the vehicle,” he confirmed.

The hospital security guard who was on duty during the night of the incident say the robbers were armed with rifles.

Marko Locham explained that the armed men pointed a gun at him before he fled to safety.

“They were having guns and they were 3. They got into the store and when I flashed the light on them, one of them pointed a gun at me and I ran to the side of the gate. They dropped 3 jerricans, but they took the security lights 3 and pens also,” he narrated.

Locham said he can not identify the robbers since it was dark.

Omal Sebbith said such incidents have been recurrent in the hospital. He urged the community to respect and protect the hospital as it renders services to them.