Road connecting Aweil town to Aweil North to be rehabilitated

Northern Bahr el Ghazal state government has announced plans to rehabilitate the road connecting Aweil centre to Aweil North County.

This is because access to the state capital was made impossible by floods last year. The floods blocked access to Aweil centre by closing off the murram road leading to Nyamlel and Gok-Machar in Aweil West and Aweil North.

On Friday, the State Director of Roads and Bridges said plans are underway to repair the road.

“What I can tell the community now is to please be patient and know that our government is working on your road issues to avoid you from being cut off from town,” Tito Keer told Akol Yam.

He said the African Resource Company, ARC, has been “assigned by our government to do the roads in South Sudan.”

Last year, Aweil North County and some Payams in Aweil West were cut off by floods.