Road accident is the leading cause of death in Lakes – official

Traffic police in Lakes State have revealed that road accident has become the leading cause of death in the area this year as compared to last year.

According to the Lakes State Traffic Police Director, Col Chol Arol, half of the year’s review from January to June shows that 35 people have lost their lives to road accidents.

This shows that death related to accidents increased this year compared to last year, which stood at 21.

The latest victim of road accident there was unnamed guard for the UN World Food Program, who was knocked and killed by a truck in Awerial County.

Chol blames the increase in the number of deaths caused by road accidents on the community’s lack of knowledge about road safety measures.

“That’s why I always tell people that whenever they want to cross the road, they need to look left and right to ensure that no vehicle is coming before crossing the road,” he said.

He added that there’s a need to install traffic gadgets on the highways, to monitor and detect the driving speed of a vehicle. This will promote low-speed driving reducing accidents.

The other causes of death in Lakes State include revenge attack and cattle raiding.