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River Singaita poses danger in Kapoeta, in Eastern Equatoria state

River Singaita poses danger in Kapoeta, in Eastern Equatoria state
William Lonyia, Singaita 88.3 FM journalist speaking to women returning from the market in Kapoeta. Photo © The Radio Community

Some residents in Kapoeta South of Eastern Equatoria State in South Sudan urge the government to find solution to the danger posed by local river Singaita. River Singaita connects Kapoeta South County with Kapoeta North County, Budi County  and other counties in the state capital Torit.

As the the rainy season has started, the river cuts off movement of people and goods, affecting local inhabitants from accessing market in Kapoeta because they can be swept away by force of water coming from high Didinga mountains in Budi county.

This week, the heavy rain has hindered movement of people because the river is full of water and very dangerous to cross.

Some locals who spoke to Singaita 88.3 FM say many lives and properties had been lost because it swept people away and never be found.

They call upon the state government to at least construct a bridge to make it safe for people in the state.

They say river Singaita connects most towns in Greater Kapoeta to Torit, all the way to Juba the national capital.

One of the residents from Machi village Ms. Najale Maria says she lost three relatives because of this river last year.

She fears that if the issue is not addressed many lives will still be lost.

“It will be really good if the government can construct the bridge here so that we can go up over the water, bridge is the only solution to this problem of the river we are tired every year people are being taken and no action to stop it”, said Maria.

James Taban is the chairperson of the drivers’ union in Kapoeta South. He said they government is not giving any attention on the issue of river Singaita.

He says this has been raised to the concern authority many times but with no fruitful outcome.

 “It is connecting people from Kenya and Juba and other parts of the country for now if it rains and you have problems in Juba or Torit it will be difficult to go let the government do something, this is our country and we have right to cry to the government to support, said Taban.

River Singaita 

The Mayor of Kapoeta Municipality council cautioned local population not to risk their lives by attempting to cross the river when it is full.

His Lordship Lokuuda Elia Lonyia said the construction of Juba -Nadapal highway will solve the issue of river Singaita. He says the bush clearance has started which is a positive measure that the river will be fixed.

“The government is working hard and most of our people can attest this that the highway is a project from the government, Singaita river is a project, you can see something has been done, so our people should be patient and be hopeful,” said Elia.

Earlier this week, two public vehicles were almost swept away in an attempt to cross, and a woman with her baby was narrowly safe after the water wave almost swept her away, and it continues to pose enormous challenge to both locals and highway users during the rainy season.