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Rider dies in road accident, 3 herders arrested  

Rider dies in road accident, 3 herders arrested  

Police in Awerial County of Lakes State have arrested three people in connection with a motor accident that killed a 26-year-old rider on Thursday in Dor Payam.

The deputy Payam Administrator, John Ariik Maker, said the accident was caused by cattle moving on the roads, resulting in the arrest of the cattle owners.

He said a heifer pierced the motorist with a horn in his chest which penetrated his heart. The deceased, Ghai Dengic, was rushed to Mingkaman PHCC for medical attention immediately after the accident but later passed on on Friday.

“This boy had carried people on his bike to Awerial Centre and on his way back he met with a lot of cows who block the road for him as he tried to pass in the middle of the cows, one of the cows pierced him immediately and threw him on the ground and these men tried to leave him without helping him and claimed that they found him already a half dead on the ground,” Ariik explained.

“The security organs including police come to the scene and the guys together with their cattle were arrested.”

Police said three men are in custody awaiting investigations and their 56 cattle have also been detained by the security personnel at Awerial Centre.