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Revenge killing suspect on the run in Tonj North

Revenge killing suspect on the run in Tonj North

A man in Tonj North County, Warrap State, has gone into hiding after he shot dead another man over what officials believe to be a revenge killing.

In 2021, Bol Machar Makuei lost his brother to a deadly gunfight over a farm boundary dispute. In the heat of the moment, Mabior Garang Achuil shot dead Matiok Machar after a brief exchange of gunfire.

Later, a customary court found Mabior guilty and ordered him to pay 31 heads of cattle worth of blood compensation.

On Sunday, Bol, 30, attacked Mabior’s cousin Madut Awan, 28 – the incident police linked to the 2021 killing.

“What prompted him to kill a relative to the person who killed his brother remains unclear. We have not yet arrested him, but we are searching for him in order to be brought to book,” said Capt. Bona Bol Kuol, inspector of police in Marial Lou Payam, where the incident occurred.

He urged the relatives of the deceased to remain calm as the law to take its course.