Revenge attack claims two lives in Yirol East

A revenge attack in Yirol East County, Lakes State, has left two civilians dead and two soldiers injured, police said.

The acting police spokesperson in the state stated that armed youth from Tinagau Payam carried out the attack at Maker cattle camp in Lekakudu Payam on Wednesday. 

Lt.-Col. Moses Machuoc identified the deceased as Mapuor Ayol from Lekakudu and the suspected leader of the Tinagau youth, Lualic Anong.

He says  James Makuei Acinkoc, former commissioner for Yirol West County, and his bodyguard sustained injuries, trying to quell the clashes.

“The soldiers were in that cattle camp on a different mission. They tried  to calm down the attackers, who then shot at the soldiers, injuring Maj. Makuei, along  with his bodyguard,” Machuoc told Mingkaman FM.

The injured former commissioner and his bodyguard, he explained, were taken to Mapuordit hospital for treatment.

The spokesperson added that there were no arrests made so far, but appealed to the communities to refrain from further attack to allow the law to take its course. 

Machuoc was unable to immediately provide further information on the latest revenge.

However, the two communities have been engaging in retaliatory killing since the 2015 killing of a prominent wrestler Mayiem and Sultan Kuel Dhuor.