Retired Paramount chief killed in Mayendit, Unity state

A 60-year-old Paramount Chief has been shot dead in Mayendit County, Unity State on Monday night.

Unknown criminals reportedly attacked Chief Thoan Nyak Jock’s home in Rubkuay Payam at 1:30 am – consequently killing him and wounding his wife and daughter.

According to Dr. Gatluak Nyang, the area County Commissioner, the motive for the fatal attack remains unclear as no one has been apprehended.

Lieth Nyak Joak, the deceased brother, expressed shock over the killing of the chief. He called on the authorities to find the killers of his brother and bring them to book.

“Such random killing of innocent civilians by criminals without accountability amounted to total injustice, inhuman and unacceptable violations against humanity. We call upon the local authorities in Mayiendit County and the State government to conduct thorough investigations and bring culprits to justice,” Nyak said.

Honorable Peter Chak Yoach, a legislator representing Mayendit County in Unity State Legislative Assembly condemned the killing of the Paramount Chief.

Commissioner Dr. Gatluak Nyang said the deceased was a retired chief who was engaged in settling boundary disputes and other communal issues in Mayendit.