Patients raise suspicion over ‘drug shortages’ at Kapoeta Civil Hospital

Some patients at Kapoeta Civil Hospital are questioning the whereabouts of hospital drugs after being frequently told to buy medicines from local outlets.

Patients diagnosed with illnesses are reportedly told to purchase drugs from nearby clinics or pharmacies.

Those who spoke during the Sunrise program on Singaita FM said they often can not afford to buy the drugs from the pharmacies.

“You are just given paracetamol and a child is not given any injection. Then you are sent to the clinic to purchase drugs yet the disease is too much on the child and you don’t have enough money to buy drugs from the clinic,” said a patient who did not want to disclose his identity.

Others accuse the hospital employees of selling – to the private clinics –  medicines donated by aid agencies.

“These people are doing business with the drugs from the hospital. They take the essential medicines and sell in their pharmacies then direct you to go and buy from there.”

In response, the Medical Director at Kapoeta Civil hospital denied reports of hospital drugs being syphoned to the private clinics and pharmacies.

“The security of our drugs through the gate to the store are taken care of, and not all drugs in the private sector are from the hospital,” Dr. John Isaac said.

He, however, added that an investigation team will be instituted over the allegations.

“I have actually shared this with the committee who is in-charge of the inspection, and I need them to activate that committee and find the source where they (private clinics) are getting the drugs.”

If the allegations turn out to be true, Dr. Isaac promised to take “strong measures against those who are doing such deal and punish them according to the law.”