Registration for free fistula treatment begins in NBG

Northern Bhar El Ghazal state Ministry of Health and its partners have extended fistula registration to the five Counties.

The registration launched in the counties on Tuesday will continue till the second week of July 2022.

This is in preparation for free fistula operations and treatment at Aweil main hospital.

“For us to get those at the far places, we have decided to register the fistula patients at the counties levels like Wanyjok, Arroyo, Gok-Machar, Nyamlel and even here at the state hospital,” said Luka Lual Aleu Jok, state Health Education Focal Point Officer.

He added that the target number of the patients is yet to be announced by the State Ministry of Health and its partners.

“The doctors will later come to Aweil – if we have that big number of people who need to be operated that why we have no limit,” he said.

Last year, the Ministry of Health and partners operated and treated 60 patients suffering from fistula.