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Raider surrenders after ‘mistakenly’ killing fellow raider

Raider surrenders after ‘mistakenly’ killing fellow raider
Cattle at a camp in Lakes State | Credit | Courtesy

Police authorities in Lakes State have confirmed that a suspected raider has handed himself over to the authorities after he allegedly shot and killed his fellow raider in Cueibet last week.

The raiders had stolen cattle from a grazing field at Rel Kou cattle camp in Cueibet.

As a result, the owners went after them and managed to recover the animals through a fierce gunfight.

In the process of running away for their lives, Matur Poth Lieny accidently shot dead Madit Luony Muorwel, aged 28 and 26, respectively.

Officials say he had mistaken his friend him for a cattle owner.

“After realizing that he had made a mistake, Matur surrendered himself to police in Cueibet,” said Maj. Elijah Mabor, police spokesperson in Lakes State.

He told Mingkaman 100 FM on Monday that the suspect will be arraigned soon after investigations.

Police advised youth against cattle raiding as it is the alleged leading cause of communal violence in Lakes State.

Cattle raiding has a long history in South Sudan. However, the vast supply of small arms in civilian hands has led to raids becoming more violent in recent years, according to reports.

In remote areas the South Sudan Police lack the capacity to protect communities and so many cattle herders keep arms to defend themselves.

Studies further argue that, expensive marriage/remarriage, revenge, pride, accumulation of wealth, poverty, joblessness, and trade in livestock to be the major causes of rustling.