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Public Universities caution not to admit students with forged certificates

Public Universities caution not to admit students with forged certificates
The University of Juba's administration block at the main campus at Atlabara, Juba | Credit | Courtesy

The Minister of Higher Education, Hon. Gabriel Changson Chang has warned the public Universities in South Sudan to complied with admission guidelines for new students and stop those with forged certificates. Official said this will help the country in promoting quality education. 

The call came during the inauguration of the renovated administration building and other facilities at the University of Juba on Wednesday, 4 May 2022.

Hon. Changson urged the Vice Counsellors of the public and private Universities to transformed their institutions into a world-class universities. He said the government has established student support funds to address budget constraints.

“The University of Juba has done a great job in doing this transformation, and it should be applied in other five public universities.”

He said the financial constraints has prevent better infrastructure, saying that higher education can’t guarantee a loan to implement their dream.

Changson appealed to the presidency to allocate money for the transformation of public universities.

Prof. John Akec , the vice Chancellor of Juba University has welcomed the call and pledged to abide by the rules of high education.

Prof. Akec highlighted the importance of transforming the universities into a conducive learning environments and research centers in the country.

He expressed the need to utilize local resources effectively for institutional reforms. He said the University of Juba is planning to build the centers that can be used to generate revenue, including students’ hostels, shopping malls, and sports facilities at Custom Campus.

Mr. Akec said the proposed facilities are available to be leased out to any potential investors for development.

“All our endeavor is a philosophy we all share. It’s effective and efficient utilization of resources, commitment to institutional reforms, and value the transparency, professional work, and financial integrity,” Akec said.

The Vice president of Service cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol, acknowledged the challenges that have affected the progress in the public sector reform.

He said the government is aware of challenges such as inadequate teaching staff, lack of lecture halls, and salary delays.

VP. Akol encourages the learning institutions to tolerate the situation as the country is embarking on peace and development.

He called on the universities to be flexible with students who cannot pay school fees on time to avoid denying them the chance to study.

On Wednesday, the University of Juba inaugurated the renovated administration building and other facilities for efficient and effective utilization of resources and institutional reforms.