Private Yak sentenced to death by firing squad

The military court in Juba has sentenced to death by firing squad Yak Garang Yak a soldier of the South Sudan People defense forces (SSPDF) for killing four people in January.

The victims included a local boy and three Syrians who were constructing President Salva Kiir’s house in Akon-Warrap State.

Yak killed the three Syrians construction workers whom he work with saying that they failed to pay him the money he was promised by the bosses and mistreated him always.

“The convicted, Private Yak Garang Yak is demitted from SSPDF files and ranks with effect from March 3, 2023 and is sentenced to death by firing squad,” Maj. Gen. Majok Michael Chan, president of the Special General Court Martial in Juba read the verdict on Friday.

Last week, the court found Yak guilty of three crimes enshrined in the relevant laws and he [Yak] addmitted the crimes when asked by the court.

“The court charges you (Yak) under article 83 of the SPLA Act 2009 read together with article 206 of South Sudan penal code 2008. The second is the same article 83 read together with article 327 of the South Sudan Penal Code. And the third article is Article 67 of the SPLA Act 2009, which is the disobedient of lawful orders,” Majok told yak

The court has given a period of 21 days for appeal if the he is not satisfied with the judgment.

“The convicted has the right to appeal within the prescribed time in the law.”