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Primary Eight to sit for CPE’s exam on 14th Feb

Primary Eight to sit for CPE’s exam on 14th Feb
National Minister of general education, Hon. Awut Deng

South Sudan has set date for primary eight final examination certificate (CPE) in the country. More than 50 thousand pupils are expected to sit for their final examination this year. This will be the first exam since the schools open after the COVID 19 restriction were ease and school allows to reopen last year.

The national minister of general education Hon. Awut Deng said pupils across the country will start on February, 14, 2022. She said the examination council had registered 31,232 male and 21, 988 female, making 53,220 pupils for the academic year 2021.

Hon. Awut said the education sector had encountered several setbacks, including the COVID-19 pandemic, floods, and insecurity that affected some schools to operate. She added that her ministry is keeping a good number of learners in schools despite those challenges.

Awut warned supervisors, invigilators, and security to ensure that the exams papers are protected.

“I would also like to draw the special attention to the supervisors, invigilators, security, and police that the assessment of students and the integrity of the examination process are of great significance to the South Sudan national examinations council,” Awut stated.

The ministry pledged to provide a conducive and friendly environment during the exams as the national examination’s councils stipulated.

Last year, the country education sector was blamed of breaching the rules related to examinations restriction after several senior finalists scored Higher grade but Ministry denied the claimed.