President Kiir returns from UAE pledge to tackle poverty

President Salva Kiir return to Juba after four days official visit to United Arab Emirate to attend the world expo 2020 in Dubai. He promised to tackle poverty by making peace a reality and ensuring citizens participate in the economic development with a safe environment.

The President has called South Sudanese to be agents of economic and social transformation and calling the world leaders to help his country emerge from war to development.

In 2018, Kiir said South Sudan’s fourth phase of liberation was freedom from hunger, disease, and material want.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon. Mayik Ayii speaks to the reporters at Juba International Airport on Wednesday.

He says Kiir engages countries worldwide to bring investments to help South Sudanese emerge from war into sustained, broad-based, and inclusive economic growth.

Hon. Ayii says the country’s rule of law must function to build investors’ confidence and ordinary people.

“South Sudan must ensure that any dollar invested from outside or within receives respect and care so that investors know we are a place and people of integrity, where they are protected,” Ayii said.

Last week, Kiir and the senior government attended Dubai Expo 2020, where the world leaders participated to reflect the necessity of their countries’ financial capital and economic growth.